Business Bookkeeping from the Bainbridge Island Community

Say goodbye to late nights reconciling your bank account, or breaking into cold sweats as tax season approaches. At Pier 52, our goal is to free you from your bookkeeping burden and give you the clarity you need to truly grow.

Start Your Business On The Right Foot

Business owners on Bainbridge Island have unique challenges. Let us set you up for success with a comprehensive accounting process just for you!

Start Your Business On The Right Foot

Our Bainbridge Island bookkeeping specialists are experts at developing the perfect accounting process for your business. We can help you set up your QuickBooks Online account and develop a bookkeeping system that will prevent you from paying too much in taxes, see where your business could improve, and so much more!

Our priority is making bookkeeping as simple and easy as possible through keeping up with your books on a monthly basis. That means you gain valuable time to focus on your clients and grow your business from the bottom up!

Go Beyond Basic
Data Entry

Do you spend hours on tedious data entry only to be mystified by your financial statements? We’ll help you feel relaxed and confident in your numbers!

Go Beyond Basic Data Entry

Spending hours of time only to be mystified by your books is no fun! And sometimes, you might even be unsure if they’re even accurate. Our bookkeeping services help you escape the hustle and bustle of your books and actually enjoy running your business. The result? You’ll finally feel relaxed and confident about your business finances at all times.

We not only generate reports like the profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet - we also explain it all during monthly zoom calls so that you can finally understand the true financial position of your business.

The result? You get to relax and enjoy running your business, knowing that it’s running more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

Develop Strategies for Business Development

Big decisions require big financial insights. We use key financial data to help business owners on Bainbridge Island scale quickly and efficiently!

Develop Strategies for Business Development

Did you know that cash flow is one of the top reasons that many small businesses fail within the first few years? When it comes to scaling your business, achieving and maintaining positive cash flow is one of the highest impact actions you can take! 

We update your financials frequently so that we can truly understand your company’s cash flow. Then, help you make the money moves you need to scale quickly while maintaining business sustainability. This helps you to release any anxieties you may have had in the past about cash management and focus on things that help move your business forward.

The best part? Our specialized bookkeeping services come right at home from members of your community that you can trust. That means you won’t spend hours on hold with customer service just to get a generic answer to your questions. We’re right here by your side!

Big City Financial Analysis with an Intimate Bainbridge Feel

 Pier 52 offers a chance to escape the worry and stress about your finances by giving the insights you need to feel cool, calm, and collected about your company’s financial future. Our goal is to provide peace and serenity to our clients by freeing you from the burden of bookkeeping and allowing you more clarity to grow your business.

Founded by a member of the Bainbridge Island business community, Pier 52 Bookkeeping strives to provide a solid foundation on which companies can grow and flourish to their fullest potential. We do it by keeping your books up to date all year long and generating key financial statements, like the profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. 

Then, we transform how you look at these basic statements by analyzing them for you and providing real insights into how you can transform your business for the better. Finally, we help you navigate business taxes by providing effortless, ready-to-file financials that are ready to ship to the tax preparation service of your choice.

Pier 52 is proud to be a partner for business owners in the Bainbridge Island community, and to build deep relationships with our clients.

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Hi, I'm Shannon

I’m an experienced bookkeeping specialist helping clients run more efficient businesses and grow the company they’ve always dreamed of.

When I launched my business, I knew I wanted to specialize in an area that really meant something to me. I thought about niching down in a particular industry – like bakeries or retail stores – but then it dawned on me. The people I wanted to work with were right here at home, on Bainbridge Island!


As a kid, I grew up in a military family and moved around a lot. I came to love the Pacific Northwest so much that it became the first place I felt I could really grow my roots. More than that, I fell in love with the people here! In my time on Bainbridge Island, I have met some of the most inspiring, incredible entrepreneurs who have motivated me to specialize in providing bookkeeping services for those in my hometown. It’s an honor to serve the amazing community here!

Why Work With Us?

Locally Owned in Kitsap County

Have you worked with a bookkeeper virtually and felt frustrated with the lack of dedicated support? We are locally owned but with a virtual twist. That means you don’t have to work with us in person, but you get access to us when you need it. It’s the best of both worlds!

Responsive and Professional

We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service delivered to our clients. We provide fast, on demand financials when you need them so that you can focus on growing your business.

Specialized Support & Advisory

Not only do we make it easy to track your finances, we also provide high level insights that you need to run a rapidly evolving and fast growing company. Whether you’re looking into scaling up or want to just prioritize business sustainability, we tailor our support to your specific needs!

Specialized Bookkeeping & Financial Advisory Services from the Bainbridge Island Community

At Pier 52, we believe that accounting and bookkeeping support should be tailored to your specific needs. That’s why we offer several packages that meet you no matter where you are in your business today. Our packages include:

What My Clients Say?

My monthly meetings with Pier 52 Bookkeeping have encouraged and enabled me to set goals that have helped my business improve and grow in many ways – a fabulous investment!

Diane Powell

Our company’s books were heavily neglected before Pier 52 Bookkeeping. The longer we ignored them, the more overwhelming it became to catch up. Shannon brought everything up to date in no time. She also gives us continuous insights into our finances to help us better manage our cash flow. We would be lost without her services.

Neal Thorne