Bookkeeping Services for the Bainbridge Island Community

Our done-for-you bookkeeping services take the stress of bookkeeping and accounting off your plate so that you can focus on servicing your clients.

Bookkeeping Clean Up

  • Get a special accountant and access to your Quickbook Online account
  • Gather all documents needed to integrate all software with Quickbooks
  • Clean up any uncategorized expenses or income
  • Compile financial data and understand your profit and loss, how to determine cash flow, and ins and outs of the balance sheet for the months you got cleaned up.
  • Establish a clear accounting system that will lead to business success in the future, including systems for receiving receipts, bills, etc.

Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Basic data entry of all income and expenses throughout the month
  • Notifications about unpaid invoices
  • Accurate, up to date, and reconciled financial records
  • Monthly review to discuss your company’s financial health and help your business grow.
  • Advanced financial guidance based on your financial goals.


Payroll Management

  • Run payroll on a monthly or bi-weekly basis
  • File payroll taxes

How Do We Do It?

We keep your books up to date and organized, but we also do MORE. We actually get to know YOU and the goals you have for your business. Every month, we talk about your unique business and the financial goals you want to achieve. We’re a true partner in this journey with you!