Hi, I'm Shannon

Growing up in a military family in that was primarily stationed in the Deep South, I never imagined I’d find myself feeling the most at home on Bainbridge Island. I moved to Washington to be near my family as an adult, and I fell head over heels in love with the Pacific Northwest. 

More than that, I fell in love with the people here! In my time in Bainbridge Island, I have met some of the most inspiring, incredible entrepreneurs who have motivated me to specialize in providing bookkeeping services for those in my hometown.

I created Pier 52 bookkeeping with a burning desire to grow Bainbridge Island’s businesses to the next level and to better support my family in the process. By providing personalized bookkeeping support and advanced financial advisory services, I help businesses achieve their goals and run better, more sustainable businesses every day.

In my free time, I spend most of my time with my amazing son and doing my favorite things in the great outdoors – running, hiking, camping, and gardening.

Are you interested in working with a bookkeeping professional who is passionate about our community and helping your business grow? Get in touch with me today!

Clifton Strengths


Seek to transform something strong into something superb


Looks for consensus, seek areas of agreement


Energize others with their visions


Faith in the links among all things


A great desire to learn and want to continuously improve